Telelearning and Distance Education

  • TeleLearning Worldwide
  • TeleLearning
  • TeleLearning Network of Centres of Excellence
  • Network of Centres of Excellence: Developing and Applying A Cost-Benefit Model for Assessing TeleLearning
  • Telelearning, Teleteaching und Computer based Training - Projekte, Institutionen und Anbieter
  • Lucent Technologies: Center for Excellence in Distance Learning
  • Consortium of Distance Education
  • Jef Moonen. The Efficiency of Telelearning. JALN 1(2) August 1997.
  • Asynchronous Learning Networks
  • R.H. Logan: Distance Learning Education Links
  • Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration
  • American Distance Education Consortium (ADEC)
  • Distance Education Resources
  • Distance Education: A Primer
  • Diffusion of Innovations Model

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